Housing market statistics

June 04, 2020

Analysis reports by Zoopla and Rightmove have revealed a substantial rise in the demand for property searches, which jumped a massive 88% on a weekly basis since the lifting of the lockdown restrictions on the 13th May.

Zoopla’s positive report was affirmed by a 20% increase compared to the beginning of March. These statistics strongly suggest that home movers in the UK have returned enthusiastically to their house search. Reassuringly, sales are also reported to be completing well, with less falling through compared to last year.

Rightmove continue to report a massive rise in online web traffic. Traffic and enquiries hit new highs last week, with a record-breaking six million plus visits on the 27th May, with searches up an incredible 18% compared to the same day last year, an increase matched by email and telephone leads.

Having spent a lot of time indoors, homeowners are apparently now keen to move. Rightmove state that 28% of those now looking for a new home were not searching prior to lockdown, bringing a huge new audience to the marketplace.

Rightmove reports show that house buyers are demonstrating some preference for commuter towns and well-connected rural areas, with many Londoners looking to buy properties elsewhere. Our local branch communities not only offer superb countryside, thriving towns and villages, but also offer excellent rail and road links.

With these healthy signs of activity already showing across the housing market, we have full confidence in the market and cautiously believe that the increase in demand will continue through the year.

To discuss your moving options, please contact your local branch.

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