If you’ve taken a stroll past one of our branches today, you may have noticed an influx in ‘sold’ properties.

We decided, that for a couple of days only, we would shout about some of the amazing properties that are successfully selling on a daily basis through all six of our branches.

As a business, we are of course always striving to promote our properties for sale, in order to support the marketing for our clients, but it is often easy to forget our successes, which go a long way in reflecting the accurate state of the current market place.

If you were to take the press’ current stance on anything to heart, you’d likely be in a very sorry state, be that politics, current affairs and of course the economic climate. However, like everything, there are certainly two sides to every story and ours is a positive one. Year to date, we are selling more homes than we did last year, proving that we are successfully selling in the local area.

As ever, our advice would be to seek an accurate, up-to-date valuation, to ensure your property is presented in the most efficient manner to prospective purchasers.

To see how we can get your home “sold” in our windows, please speak with your local branch for an informal introduction and no obligation advice.

Ash Vale – 01252 353030 | ashvale@mackenziesmith.co.uk

Farnborough – 01252 375999 | farnborough@mackenziesmith.co.uk

Fleet – 01252 812121 | fleet@mackenziesmith.co.uk

Hook – 01256 764666 | hook@mackenziesmith.co.uk

Hartley Wintney – 01252 844015 | hartleywintney@mackenziesmith.co.uk

Yateley – 01252 597900 | yateley@mackenziesmith.co.uk