The concept of an 'Open House' may be new to some but it has proven to be a long standing and useful tool in maximising exposure of a property.
Our clients have enjoyed great success with Open House Events, appreciating the simplicity of condensing viewings to a short convenient window, with plenty of time to prepare the house and often benefitting from more competition between buyers, resulting in multiple offers.

What is an Open House?

An Open House is a viewing event where we pre-register potential buyers and book appointments for multiple viewings to take place in an agreed window of time, allowing you time to prepare your home and avoid regular interruption with ad hoc viewings. The way we run an Open House is designed to make the process as easy as possible for you. As our client we need to reassure you that all viewings will be booked and accompanied, meaning we are always on hand to answer questions and skilfully guide potential buyers around the home. The Open House is promoted directly to relevant registered buyers, on our website, on property portals and through our blog, as well as being advertised in the local newspaper to generate the most bookings possible for the event.

What we do for your Open House Event
How do I have an Open House Event
The benefits of holding an Open House
Tips for preparing your home for an open house event
Open House Case study 1
Open House Case study 2


We hold Open House Events for all types of property; bungalows, family homes, property for first time buyers, luxury executive homes and character properties. Open House Events are popular in all areas of our branch network of 5 offices in Fleet, Farnborough, Ash Vale, Hartley Wintney and Hook.  


What we do for your Open House Event

  • Advertise the Open House on the online property listing on our website and key property websites
  • Promote the Open House in the local press though advertising and/or editorial
  • Contact suitable applicants directly to raise awareness and book appointments for the Open House
  • Showcase the property in our e-newsletter, The Thistleblower or in a feature email to our database of over 13,000 contacts
  • Build up a diary of appointments for the event
  • All viewings during the Open House event will be accompanied by a Mackenzie Smith representative
  • Full attention will be given to each viewer providing them with all the detailed selling points and answers to any questions
  • Collection and communication of feedback and offers over the following days


How do I have an Open House Event?

  • Discuss an Open House with your Personal Client Manager
  • Select an appropriate date and time, usually a minimum of 2 weeks ahead
  • Prepare by removing clutter, cleaning, tidying and maintaining your home
  • Arrange some time out of the home during the event
  • Receive feedback and offers after the Open House closes
  • Review and discuss the next step with your Personal Client Manager


The benefits of holding an Open House

  • An opportunity to present your home at its best to a concentrated number of potential buyers in a small timeframe
  • Minimise disruption to daily life
  • It can help if you require a quick sale
  • Create a competitive atmosphere between buyers


Tips for preparing your home for an Open House Event

This is an opportunity to show your home at its full potential, although there will have been recommendations with regard to everyday viewings, this is the time to really pull out all the stops:

  • Firstly ensure the property is clean, tidy and aired; remove clutter as this will show the full potential of the property
  • Get as much light into the rooms as possible by cleaning windows and opening windows and blinds fully
  • In advance of viewings, touch up paintwork, clean patios, carpets etc and maintain the garden well to create a highly polished appearance
  • Remove pets if possible
  • If possible remove all vehicles from the driveway/parking spaces to make it easy for the viewer to park at the property
  • Advise your neighbours of the Open House Event


Open House Case study 1

The Property: A four bedroom chalet style bungalow updated to a high standard in Church Crookham.

Why an Open House? The clients needed a quick sale whilst maximising the value in the least intrusive way. The Open House effectively set a date when they could expect to have one or more offers allowing the house to come off the market quickly and for the clients to move on to their next step.

Preparation: The Open House was advertised to all our registered applicants, promoted online and in the newspaper. Clients prepared their home and went out for the duration of the event.

Outcome: 36 viewings were booked in and carried out. 7 offers were made all of which were above asking price.

Reflection: The clients were really pleased with the outcome of the Open House, not only was it easy for them to prepare their home for a one off event, they could go out and enjoy their day, knowing their property was in safe hands.  

Open House Case study 2

The Property: Detached three bedroom house in Fleet.

Why an Open House? Planning an Open House was a great solution for the client, alleviating the pressure of preparing for more sporadic viewings by intensifying viewings on one day. Emotional attachment to the property meant it was also better for the owner to be out with family during the event and not have to worry about what was going on at the house.

Preparation: The Open House was advertised to all our registered applicants, promoted online and in the newspaper. Clients prepared their home and went out during the event.

Outcome: 26 viewings were booked in and carried out. 7 offers were made and the property sold above asking price.

Reflection: The mood in the house was lively, as potential purchasers arrived and departed, the volume of people viewing the property encouraged the potential buyers to think seriously about making an offer as soon as possible, as there was so much interest. The clients were very happy with the result.


  • Can people just show up at an Open House Event?

    As with all our viewings and Open House Events please contact the relevant branch in advance of the viewing, this gives us the opportunity to answer any question you might have and confirm if the property is appropriate for you, and your suitability as a purchaser. We strive to confirm all viewings in advance, to ensure buyers are able to proceed to a property transaction and for the security and peace of mind of our homeowner clients. If a new applicant we have not arranged a time with arrives to look at the property we will ask some qualifying questions and if suitable confirm an available slot during the open day for their accompanied viewing. If we are fully booked we will need to schedule a viewing appointment at an alternative time suitable to the seller. If we are not satisfied the new applicant is a viable buyer they may not be allowed to view the property and further qualification of the applicant will follow.

  • Do I need to be at the Open House event?

    We recommend that the owner of the property is not present during the Open House Event, this helps potential buyers remain objective when they look at the property and helps them picture themselves in the house. Another benefit is that a seller can’t become attached or more friendly with one potential purchaser over another which could complicate the decision making process when offers are put forward. Giving your Estate Agent free run of the house also assists in running a smooth and professional Open House Event.