Selling your home? Here are the top improvements to make…

July 28, 2022

If you’re thinking of selling your home, there are a number of improvements you might want to consider, to add optimum value, and interest in your home.

The latest trends from The Rated People Report, and Rightmove, highlight how the current trends from buyers are impacting the property market, tradespeople, and renovators. Looking at Instagram, TikTok, and 867,000 home improvement jobs to analyse the data, resulting in the following findings…

Top home improvement trends

Leisure spaces: home gyms and al fresco entertaining

The entertaining and leisure aspect of a home seems to be playing a more important role than ever. With personal finances being impacted, keeping fit and socialising at home could be an increasing trend, so buyers could well be looking for a home that offers this.

Going green

Green decor is becoming increasingly popular, from lux kitchen finishes, to feature walls and pops of colour. Green is certainly the colour of the moment.

Unique flooring

The finish of a floor can completely transform a room, and trend-seeking home hunters will be on the lookout for wood flooring, unique tiles, or perhaps even parquet which is definitely having a comeback moment. 

Living walls

Frequently seen in Instagram-worthy restaurants, bars, and cafes, living walls have moved into our homes. Creating your own living wall is a clever use of space, and can be achieved indoors or outdoors, whether your space is in full sun, or shade, there will be a planting choice to suit.

Working from home

With many buyers continuing to work from home, post-pandemic, or adopting a hybrid work model, a space for a desk and work environment is at the top of many buyers’ lists. If your home doesn’t have a dedicated room, consider the space available, it could help buyers visualise where they’d work from home in your property.

Wall panelling

Adding a touch of class, wall panels are one of the latest decorating trends that can transform a room. This can be done at a cost, or inexpensively with MDF and an online tutorial if you’re feeling creative

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