Stephen Tetlow, Director

Stephen Tetlow, Sales Director

Having spent the last three decades in the property market, it is once again very exciting to experience the demand from buyers which has resulted in us arranging the sale of houses in sometimes hours if not days.

Remembering back to the period before this last recession, the largest number of buyers we dealt with invariably came down from London looking to spend their bonuses on a second home in Hartley Wintney or the surrounding villages.  However, today, the fundamentals of market appear to be based more on local families either looking to buy a larger or smaller home to reflect their circumstances.

The question I am being asked most of late is whether my clients should put their houses on the market now or wait until the New Year.  The answer to this question in my opinion depends very much on whether they are looking to buy another property or not.

If they are simply looking to sell, I believe now is a good time to market their home as they will have very little by way of competition. Property is selling quickly leaving little sitting on the market.

If on the other hand they are looking to sell and buy, then simply because they will be competing with other buyers, some of whom may have sold their house already or gone into rented accommodation, then my advice must be that they look to secure a buyer as soon as possible.

A former colleague used to use an expression, which I have never forgotten, “the best buyers get the best houses”, which very much applies today.

Stephen Tetlow, Sales Director

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