Refresh your property marketing

August 24, 2023

If your property is on the market and isn’t getting the attention it deserves, then something needs to change.

If your home has been on the market for a couple of months without an offer, it’s likely that the marketing needs to be refreshed. Whether that’s with new photos, a better description or a more up-to-date price, here at Mackenzie Smith, we’ve got it covered.

Our Assistant Branch Manager at Farnborough, Jason Bowden, recently sold a property in just one week, when it had been on the market with another agent for several months, without success.

“I spotted the competing agent had listed the property as having three bedrooms when it had four. The former owner had converted the garage, adding a self-contained area with a bedroom and shower room. It meant I could re-launch the property as a four-bedroom. It was perfect for the buyer who wanted a bedroom downstairs, too.

Sometimes you need to look at a property with a fresh pair of eyes. But most significantly, maximum attention must be drawn to the listing when it is new to Rightmove. To do this, the property features must be properly highlighted.

When a property is newly added on Rightmove, it generates more interest from prospective buyers. When we place a property on Rightmove, it will appear as ‘added today’, even if it was previously listed by another agent.

Accurate pricing is important from the start, too. If you’re a homeowner who’s selling and buying, consider the differential in price between the properties. This has the most impact on long-term equity. In other words, even if you feel like you’re making a loss on your sale, you’ll be making it up on your purchase.

When a buyer registers, they receive information automatically from Rightmove, specific to their chosen house types. When a property is already listed and a price reduction is made, potential buyers receive an automated email, with the property presented as an older listing.

Keep in mind also, that if you have had a property listed with us but it has been withdrawn for 20 weeks or more, Rightmove will re-launch it as added today if you place it back on the market now.”

Jason Bowden, Assistant Branch Manager, Farnborough

With years of experience, our estate agents offer in-depth knowledge regarding the housing market. They have literally seen it all before. They keep up-to-date on the overall local marketing conditions, and know what’s happening with individual listings, for a comprehensive grasp of the local housing market.

If you are a homeowner considering selling your property, please feel free to call your local agent for guidance, advice, or an up-to-date valuation.

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