Prepare your winter garden

November 16, 2023

Getting your garden winter-ready is crucial for the garden to thrive in springtime. If you’re unsure where to start, our step-by-step guide below will help.

Tidy up

Start by clearing away fallen leaves, dead foliage, and spent plants from your garden. This will help prevent creatures from making nests in your outdoor space and cultivate a pleasant garden view.

Prune and protect

Protect delicate plants from frost with a good layer of mulch or horticultural fleece, and trim back shrubs and trees where necessary.

Nourish the soil

Add compost or manure to vegetable and flower beds to feed the soil, ensuring your plants have the nutrients they need.

Pots and planters

Tuck delicate pots away in sheltered spots, or cover them in bubble wrap to keep roots warmer when the temperatures drop.

Love your lawn

Give your lawn a final mow for the year, clear away any debris, and fork slightly to aerate the soil for a healthier lawn next year.

T.L.C. for tools

Remember to take care of your trusty garden tools. Clean, oil, and store them away to save time and money replacing any next year.

Wildlife welcome

If you’d like to lend your local wildlife a hand, leaving out food and water goes a long way for birds and mammals during colder months.

Plan ahead

Lastly, start planning your spring garden, building on this last year’s success, and jotting down your new ideas for 2024. Hopefully, your garden should now be all set for the winter, ready to flourish once more in spring.

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