There appears to be some recognition from the Government that even once planning permission applications are granted by Local Authorities, it can take quite some time for conditions associated with the grant of planning to be released. 

Katherine Gray Land ManagerThe Infrastructure Bill [HL] 2014-2015 went before the House of Lords for its first reading on 5th June 2014. This first stage is a formality that signals the start of the Bill’s journey through the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  The Second reading takes place on 18th June and will consist of a general debate on all aspects of the Bill.

The Bill, if adopted, would allow certain types of planning conditions to be regarded as if they have been formally discharged if a Local Planning Authority has not notified the applicant of their decision within a prescribed timeframe.  This, in my opinion, will aid the planning process as it will force Local Authorities to make decisions regarding planning conditions and not ‘sit on their hands’, dragging out the planning process and preventing development from taking place.

If you would like to read The Infrastructure Bill [HL] 2014-2015 or track its process in securing Royal Assent please click here.

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