hand and mapIn April 2016 the House Builders Federation and Glenigan published the New Housing Pipeline Q4 2015 Report. The report outlines quarterly data for the number of housing units and number of housing projects granted detailed planning approval since 2008.

To view the report, please click here.

Table 1 of the report shows the number of units granted planning permission across Great Britain in 2015 as a whole was 281,210; an increase of 5% on the previous year. However, the figures vary dramatically in different areas of Great Britain.  For example, Northern England saw an increase of 15% in 2015 on the previous year, Southern England saw a 2% increase, and Wales saw a 17% decrease.

Table 2 provides a regional breakdown of the number of units which secured detailed planning approval where the projects were for 10 or more residential units. These figures show that in 2014 there were 42,927 units granted planning permission where the application was for 10 or more residential units.  In 2015 this figure was 38,635; 10% less than the previous year.  As mentioned above, these figures do not incorporate projects of fewer than 10 units, so this does need to be taken into account when looking at the results.

However, the number of projects which secured planning detailed permission for 10 or more residential units, as based on Table 3 of the report, increased from 3,460 in 2014 to 4,056 in 2015. This is an increase of 17%. 

Whilst the number of units being granted planning permission has fallen in the South East (based on Table 2) over the last year, Local Authorities are granting a significantly increased number of planning applications, as evidenced by Table 3. Local Authorities are still under pressure to grant planning permissions to supply the ever increasing demand for new homes and as such land suitable for residential development remains highly sought after.

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