Landlords are continually having to evolve to comply with various legal changes, one thing they shouldn’t need to worry about is the rent income at the end of the month.

As the Government continue to introduce more landlord legislation changes, it is not surprising that some have taken the decision to leave the Private Rental Sector. However, there are a considerable number who still look to property as the most secure investment for the future. Whilst an investment in property is undeniably appealing, particularly considering other investment avenues in comparison and the lack of benefits for savers, those that do so are are keen to protect their investment and forecasted income as much as possible. After all, an investment property that is not bringing in any rent is not a good investment.

Here at Mackenzie Smith, we want to achieve the maximum rent as soon as possible, with the minimum wear and tear for our landlords, always offering the best advice to achieve this.

All of our prospective tenants will have been fully referenced and credit checked with the appropriate Right to Rent checks carried out. The referencing company that we use also offer landlords Rent and Legal protection insurance if all applicants pass their referencing checks, the cost of which is usually passed on to the landlord.

We are currently offering this free of charge for the first 12 months*, landlords can continue this cover after that point at their own expense if they wish to do so. Ultimately, this offers landlords extra peace of mind, knowing that should their tenant experience redundancy, for example, and be in a position where they are unable to pay the rent, the landlord has the added security of this insurance policy that will click into place and cover the rent. It is a very rare occurrence, but having this financial umbrella creates one less thing for landlords to worry about.

Peace of mind for landlords is something we strive to offer. For further details, contact our Lettings Department on (01252) 514000 or email


*only available for all new properties let