homebuildersfederationFurther evidence of support from government to the house building industry came from statements made by housing minister Kris Hopkins, who attending the House building Federation policy conference told members ”we have removed a lot of the barriers to building more new homes. Tell us what else needs to be done. I want you to build more new homes –  I am not going to put a figure on it, but I want more.”

This supports the general planning climate in which local authorities are required to meet specific housing targets with a five year rolling land supply.

There has been concern over the amount of Greenbelt Land that is and will be built on but in his address to the federation the housing minister pointed that “only 0.2% of greenbelt has been built on since 1997, and since then greenbelt has grown by 84,000 hectares.”

Demand for residential land in this area remains strong and should you require advice please contact Katherine Gray, Land Manager on 01252 762007 or email katherineg@mackenziesmith.co.uk.