New Business Development Manager in Camberley

January 31, 2024

We’re proud to introduce Nick Ross, the latest member of our Camberley team.

Born to a family of developers, Nick displays a love for the property industry that’s hard to beat. Having spent most of his life in Camberley, his connections are strong throughout the local industry.

Nick joins Mackenzie Smith with superb repertoire. He’s helped thousands of people move home since 2000 and worked for two Camberley competitors at Branch Manager level. What’s more, Nick built and sold his own company, growing it to three offices, and achieving over one hundred managed properties in the first four years. For a while, he also contracted as an Area Manager in Dorset.

Nick’s broad local knowledge covers almost anything you can think of. From the best schooling, picturesque walks, rail and bus links, to where you can purchase a tasty Ploughman’s lunch, Nick is a man in the know.

With great admiration and trust for the Mackenzie Smith brand, Nick has confidence it’s the right fit. He likes the network of local offices and celebrates the drive and determination we demonstrate towards progression. Familiar with Mackenzie Smith through his network of friends, Nick is impressed with our reputation, especially in how we treat customers and staff.

Thriving on being part of a team, Nick believes the keys to success are spotting opportunities and having confidence in your team to provide great service. He’s always touched when customers return, too.

In his free time, Nick spends time with his wife of 16 years, Zoe, and his two children, aged 9 and 15. His favourite pastimes are golf and motor racing, watching his son play for Camberley Town and seeing his daughter compete in gymnastics. He enjoys tormenting his family by watching Arsenal at home or at The Emirates, and is a keen supporter of a Down Syndrome Society, The Arc, as well as Phyliss Tuckwell.

Feel free to pop in and meet Nick in person at our Camberley Office.

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