More views for our Aldershot properties

November 04, 2020

Our new Aldershot branch is off to a flying start, with some great success for our clients, showing great promise for prompt sales in the town.

Rightmove reports show that at the time of writing, our views of properties details in Aldershot were higher than any other Aldershot agent.

In the week from 28th October to 3rd November, viewings of our property details averaged at an impressive 106 per day.

A major competitor based in Farnham was second on the list, a great achievement for our new branch.

These types of detailed online viewings are great news for our customers. Every single detailed online viewing could mean a forthcoming sale. It shows that the online market exposure of their property for sale is at maximum potential and generating substantial interest – sure to lead to viewings and ultimately the sale of their property.

“Working closely together, our sales and marketing teams agree a strategy to promote all of our clients’ homes to the widest possible audience.”

Steve Tetlow, Managing Director

Our bespoke, in-house marketing service works closely with all of our offices, meaning that every listing is tailored down to the fine detail.

Our agents provide concise, thorough information for each listing for online marketing and brochures, ensuring that all of the great features are highlighted to potential buyers.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Aldershot or the surrounding areas, please contact our Aldershot branch on (01252) 983730,

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