For those of you who aren’t a fan of the franchise, you may not be aware that tomorrow is Star Wars Day, held each year on May the Fourth…

Star Wars has some of the most dedicated fans in the galaxy, in the United Kingdom alone you’ll find hundreds of thousands of Jedis, as recognised by the census and Office for National Statistics. Some have taken their fandom to another level by recreating the Star Wars universe in their own home. 

The force is strong in South Korea. Local architecture firm Moon Hoon built a Star Wars inspired home that looks right out of a George Lucas movie set. The Star Wars house was constructed for a family of four on a relatively low budget (equivalent of $192,000). The three storey home has a minimalist style inside, with all the spaces you would need for a family. However, on the third floor, a bookshelf serves as a hidden door and opens to reveal a secret play area for Jedis in training, with a slide and a control room.

In a galaxy far, far away (Australia), you’ll find a remarkable home modelled around the Millenium Falcon. Hidden in the Australian bush in the Dainstree rainforest, this iconic home was built in 2009, winning an architectural award in 2014. The luxury futuristic mansion bears a striking resemblance to Hans Solo’s craft, but this was entirely accidental apparently, with the original millionaire owner not realising the similarity until it was pointed out. Made from concrete, steel and glass, the home sits 11M above water, surrounded by forests, mountains and a personal beach, with three garages, an outdoor kitchen, helipad, open air theatre, wine cellar and a plunge pool, recently selling for $15million.

An avid sci-fi fan and environmentalist builder created this next home, in a bid to create an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly abode, whilst in keeping with his passion. This monolithic dome home can be found in Ottawa, Canada and looks remarkably like Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home, or for other fantasy fans, a modern day Hobbiton? Whilst the Tatooine dwellings were made from rock and sand, this home has an inflated shell, an inner insulation wall, steel bars and concrete. With the heat coming from a geo-thermal pump underground, it was at one time the most energy efficient homes you could find in Canada. It was reluctantly listed for $369,900, you can see the full property listing here.

Whilst Ottawa’s replica of a Tatooine home was pretty spectacular, nothing beats the real thing. In Matmata, Tunisia, you can stay at the hotel which was used for a number of the films for as little as £8 per night, currently showing props from the 2002 Attack of the Clones. TripAdvisor doesn’t offer a hugely appealing booking but it is apparently a “can’t miss” opportunity for fans.