January has turned out to be a really busy month. This has yet to turn into 100% results as many people are not in a position to buy as they have yet to sell their own property. However, we have seen a greater number of properties come to the market which has resulted in greater choice for buyers compared to the same period last year.

This means that prices have to be accurate. In this market my staff are recommending that the best advice to secure a sale is to pitch the asking price as close to the real value as possible. Concerns over having to consider an even lower offer should be dismissed; all our market research demonstrates that where the asking price is accurate results in a price as close to 98/99% of the real value is secured.

This frees the owner up to move and make decisions on their own purchase.

Mackenzie Smith do not believe values will rise during the year and therefore good decision making on pricing are essential….

Activity levels will in our opinion continue to strengthen during the Spring months as more buyers enter the market. Correctly priced property will benefit from this.