The weather got in the way of a busy start but as I see it the market has kicked off in a similar manner to last year.

However, last year many buyers had taken the decision to find a buyer for their own home before looking meaning they were in a position to purchase as soon as they saw something that appealed.

This year there is evidence that some buyers are assuming they can sell immediatley so they are not organising the sale of their own property. My advice to these buyers is to take the decision and get things underway as – until they have a buyer – they are likely to miss out on property to buyers who are in a position to proceed.

As for forecasts for 2010? Much too early as there is a great deal of confusing data but one thing remains the same as last year – a shortage of property which has underpinned values and confidence during difficult times.

Values in 2009 improved by as much as 10% and this has injected confidence.

Developers have also re-entered the market particulary for ‘ready to go sites’ and this is also a good barometer for the market.

Ed Mackenzie Smith