Summer holidays do reduce the number of people looking however; those that are still viewing are serious.

I also believe that very negative and in my opinion unjustified press coverage has caused some people to hesitate and adopt a ‘wait and see’ policy. Very often press coverage has dealt with market comment that appeared months ago!

Our Fleet and Farnborough offices along with the new homes we are selling at Queensgate, Farnborough are particularly busy.

I anticipate a very busy positive market in September as many people who have delayed decision making will get on making plans to move by the year end.

As we saw in 2008 when the general view no one was doing anything we were in fact recording record numbers of buyers viewing property which in fact was a prelude to the very busy 2009 market.

So rather than worrying about what the papers say I prefer to make my own judgement based on what my customers are actually doing…..