mothersA Mother’s love is unconditional. From the first time she held you in her arms, to your very first step, she has always been there. But her role doesn’t just end there, despite all the slamming doors, disagreements and drama, you know exactly who to turn to in a time of need, and funnily enough, she always has a fix. 

Your ‘mother figure’ deserves a gift that is one of a kind, just like her. You could quite easily splash out on a glamorous bouquet, designer gifts or expensive jewellery, but why try a personal approach and make her day that little bit extra special? Small gestures and thoughtfulness can speak volumes, create memories and illustrate just how much you appreciate this special lady. This requires a hand from the dads out there too, because collectively you can make her day great. We’ve put together a few ideas to get you on your way…

Start her day right, with a blissful lie in!

breakfast in bedAnd no, this does not mean until 8am. Switch off the alarm, and instead, wake her up to a delicious breakfast in bed. While your special lady is enjoying her lie in, you could make good use of your time and get started on those chores. But remember, the clocks go forward on Saturday night, so keep that in mind for the Sunday morning.

Chores chart

Speaking of chores, why not make some more permanent changes? Create a chores chart with the daily tasks your mum does and split some between yourself and siblings. This priceless gift will not only illustrate how much respect you have for her time, but also take away some of her daily stresses.

Pamper heaven

Run your mum a lovely warm bubble bath and let her have 5 minutes peace. You could follow up with a pamper session in the comfort of your home.

Five-star meal or home cooked comfort?

little chefWhatever you opt to do, treat her to a special meal that you can all enjoy as a family. If you are attempting to cook yourself, just be honest about you culinary skills and try to stick to something simple, this is not quite the time to flaunt your Jamie Oliver culinary style! That said, maybe eating out may be a safer option? Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and after her pamper session you may as well continue to make her feel magnificent as she is.


Queen for the day

Enjoy cream tea at a castle fit for your Queen. You could consider Farnham Castle, which usually runs cream tea sessions along with a tour. This unique historical building has evolved over time, and tells the tale of its origins.  You can meander through the grounds and enjoy views over the historic town of Farnham.

Get crafty

Nothing could be more personal than making your own card, or you could go the extra mile and make a collage using your favourite photos.

Love blossoms

plantingNothing could symbolise the evolution of your relationship with your mum like a plant. So why not plant a flower or tree in your garden as a symbol of your love. Make sure you look after it and keep it well nourished, so you can enjoy watching it grow over the coming years, just like your relationship.

Make her proud

Your mother has worked hard to bring you up well, teaching you right from wrong. So make her proud and demonstrate your strong moral standing by giving to mothers in need. By donating as little as £6 to this charitable organisation you could help empower mums with an education, the gift of reading and writing, so they can help their children the way your mum has helped you.


We hope these ideas inspire you to make your Mother’s Day one to remember.

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