Make your home a best-seller!

February 22, 2024

If you are selling your home, read on for some great pointers from our experts…

When selling your home, it’s best to have your home looking as picture-perfect as possible from the start. Doing this will make your property standout more during viewings and in professional photography seen online.

First impressions are key, so it’s optimal to up your home’s kerb appeal. With just a spot of maintenance, such as attending to a front garden, the condition of the driveway, or cleaning the windows, you could help build the anticipation of potential buyers.

Showcasing your home’s best features adds attraction for the buyers. If your kitchen is a statement piece, clearing everyday items from the sides such as washing up bowls, cup trees, and jars will help demonstrate the surface and space on offer. Also for example, if you have an island, you might wish to draw attention to this by adding a simple focal point, such as a vase of fresh flowers.

Buyers like to imagine what the home would look like as their own, so de-cluttering is a great move. In family homes, whilst a charming rocking horse in a child’s bedroom can add a touch of nostalgia, generally the fewer toys on view, the better. What’s more, you’ll give buyers the impression that the home has ample storage if they can see less belongings. You could opt for a temporary storage solution, if it helps.

If you’re planning to freshen up any rooms with a lick of paint, try using plain white. This will appeal more across the board, creating a blank canvas for prospective buyers to envision what they could do. If you prefer, light, cold tints increase brightness and a sense of space or earthy tones add a touch of warmth.

Making minor repairs is good, such as fixing leaky taps, broken locks, or a cupboard door off the hinges. However, keep in mind that buyers will want to make changes. If your property needs modernisation, you could avoid wasting time and cash, by leaving it to the buyer.

Think about seasonal features, and adapt furnishings and accessories accordingly. For example, arrange armchairs around cosy fireplaces along with a thick rug in the winter, open conservatory blinds to offer garden views on dry or clear days, or if you have outdoor seating to be proud of, place it on display in the warmer months.

Create a comfortable setting inside the accommodation by demonstrating the efficiency of underfloor or central heating on colder days, or the airflow and air conditioning on warmer days.

Of course, clearing away debris, trimming hedges and jet-cleaning patio or decking areas will also enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

Lastly, many people love pets and may well adore your dog or cat, but consider keeping them out of the way during viewings. This will help avoid distractions and most importantly, keep the focus on your property, where it belongs!

Featured photo from Neville Close. 

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