Autumn is officially here, but with the lighter days just about holding out, there is still some sunnier weather to enjoy. The new season has meant that the appetite for selling homes has returned; buyers and sellers alike are back into the day-to-day routine now that the holidays are over, making September a superb time to sell. Best make hay while the sun shines before we start to approach the festive season.

You could argue that there are points of merit to selling in each season of the year, but the most popular times do tend to have a trend; the spring, early summer and early autumn are all favourable and unsurprisingly, these all fall in line with term times!

Whilst spring and summer do have their benefits, there are plenty of reasons why September proves successful, including the fact that Rightmove claim it to be their 2nd busiest month. We’ve broken it down to figure out why this might be.

New school year

The summer is over, the children are back at school and for many families the new school year brings a complete fresh start, and what better way to have a fresh start than a new home?  The fact that the children are now back in school will make it easier than it might have been during the summer holidays to sell, parents are free to view houses and it is easier to keep the house tidier and empty for viewings also.

Picture perfect

Whilst summer invariably offers the best chances of getting that perfect front shot with a blue sky, autumn is still great for getting some pretty outdoor photos. Many gardens will still be looking good, with the cold not yet affecting too many of the plants, however the changing of the leaves adds a beautiful touch, which on a sunny day has to be unbeatable.

Colder weather

Not often a plus point, however when it comes to home selling there is always a silver lining. Initially, the colder weather could mean an influx of buyers. During the summer months, maximum time will be spent enjoying the outdoors, but now that the days are drawing in and we’re back to the routines of daily life, we’re likely to spend more time indoors. This can lead to the realisation that there is not enough space, or that it’s simply time for a change. The colder weather also allows for a cosy and warm atmosphere when showing off a home, switching on lamps and lighting a fire will certainly create a welcoming and memorable ambience.

Thinking of the year ahead

Many will take time to plan the year ahead in the autumn, particularly parents. Whilst January is clearly the month for new years’ plans to take action, when it comes to getting into the right school, an early move is crucial. The deadline for school applications is January 15th, with the average time to completion on a house taking approximately 12 weeks, now is the time to act in order to get into a new catchment area before the applications are in.

Countdown to Christmas (sorry)

I hate to say it, but with the festive season just over 12 weeks away, and most homes taking that time to complete, in the world of buying and selling homes, we’re officially on Christmas countdown. For those looking to get settled in time for the holidays, you need to consider a sale as soon as possible. It may not be high on your priority list, but there will be a number of buyers who will have set their sights set on a pre-Christmas completion, and your property could fit the bill!

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