iStock_000005528289MediumIf you are on the market or looking to do so, Spring has always been an extremely busy time on the housing market and a great time to sell or let. If you are planning to use the school break/Bank Holiday to enjoy a getaway, don’t forget about your house, hop ahead of the Easter Bunny and prepare your home for viewings.

The Easter break is a great time to recharge after the winter months, but is also presents a wonderful opportunity to go house hunting.  If your home is for sale and you are planning a few days away over Easter, it is certainly worth doing some simple checks to ensure your home is presented in the best possible light should your agent arrange for viewings in your absence.

If you are going away during the school holidays, don’t forget to inform your agent and make sure they have a key. There is nothing worse than having to turn away interested viewers in your absence because the agent has no access to your property.

Ensure your home is spotless before you leave, empty household rubbish bins, make sure all work surfaces are clean and tidy, clear out magazine racks, ensure that draining boards and sinks are clear of washing up and the dishwasher is empty. A couple of strategically placed air fresheners or diffusers will ensure a pleasant atmosphere as well. 

Don’t leave any washing hanging over the radiators, dying flowers in a vase or fruit past its best in the bowl and give your home a general once over to ensure there is no clutter lying about.

And most importantly, make sure your agent has a contact number in case they need to call you about that all important offer.

At Mackenzie Smith we always perform accompanied viewings and take pride in treating your home with the utmost respect while we are conducting viewings.

If you have any questions or would like a valuation of your own home, please contact your local office on the numbers below.

Ash Vale – 01252 353030

Farnborough – 01252 375999

Fleet – 01252 812121

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Hartley Wintney – 01252 844015