So you have made all your plans and everything is in place. All you have to do now is sell up and you are ready to start the next chapter in your life. It sounds great but what if you can’t sell your property?

There are occasions when for whatever reason a property just won’t sell, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your plans on hold, there is an alternative.

There is the option of letting your property. This gives you the chance to carry on with your plans using the rental income, safe in the knowledge that if things don’t work out you still have your property to return to. If your plans take off then you can enjoy the rental income until you decide the time is right to try and sell again.

An experienced letting agent will work with you to ensure that a suitable tenant is found and protect your interests ensuring that a break clause is included in the tenancy agreement allowing you to give the tenant notice so that you can return to the property if you need to.

The professional agent will show you how to minimise the chance of anything going wrong by explaining the need for an independently prepared inventory, a properly drawn up tenancy agreement and comprehensive rent and legal protection insurance. It is this sort of advice that is essential for a trouble free tenancy.

So if you have put your plans on hold because you couldn’t sell, give us a call and we can discuss how we can let your property so you can make that move.

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