Getting the property let? Getting the maximum amount of rent? Paying low agency fees?

Michael ClarkeAll the above are important to a landlord and it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned investment landlord with lots of properties or a first time landlord letting out your own home.

There is however so much more to consider.

It is beyond doubt that getting a property let is crucial but it is equally important to find the ‘right’ tenant. A tenant that fits in with your expectations and requirements. So you do need an agent who has the marketing tools available to reach the greatest audience of prospective tenants who can then be filtered to find you, as the landlord the most suitable tenant.

Letting a property is not difficult but ensuring only suitable tenants are introduced to you takes expertise and experience. At Mackenzie Smith we can offer you the very best in marketing so that your property is seen by as many prospective tenants as possible, which enables us to find the best tenant for the landlord.

We will have established what your exact circumstances are relating to timescales etc. so we know what type of tenant suits you best. This might mean an immediate let, long term or short term, families or single professionals. We want to develop a close working relationship with you as landlord so that in the future you have just one point of contact who you know and trust.

Getting the maximum amount of rent is just as important as finding a suitable tenant but it is worth considering the ‘whole offer’ and not just the price. For example it is worth considering possible void periods and general wear and tear on your property.

If we have two interested prospective tenants one of which is a company wanting immediate occupancy for a two year let for their MD but offering less than the asking rent this may be a better option than a family with three children offering the asking rent but only needing the property for six months until they find a property to buy. At Mackenzie Smith we will advise you on all offers and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each offer leaving you free to make a fully informed decision.

As with most things in life ‘cheap is seldom best’. What is important is great service at a realistic price. Reputable letting agents do have costs such as training, membership of professional bodies, marketing, advertising, premises etc so they do have to charge fees.

Unfortunately most landlords only discover why their letting agent is cheap when something goes wrong and at a time when they need the agent the most! As we mentioned earlier it is not difficult to let a property but as a landlord you need to know that your agent has the expertise to advise correctly so that you don’t fall foul of the numerous regulations relating to rented accommodation but more importantly should something go wrong during the tenancy they know the correct procedure.

At Mackenzie Smith we have the experience to advise you on all aspects of letting and managing your property and would be delighted to discuss our service with you. As a landlord ‘peace of mind’ is probably  the most important thing!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries regarding our services, or if you would like a rental valuation.

Micharel Clarke, MARLA, Lettings Director

01252 514000