A new report from a London lettings specialist has pinpointed 5 top likes and dislikes Tenants and Landlords have about each other.

Needless to say many are not surprising…

Top 5 Tenant dislikes:

  1. Rent increases
  2. Failure to fix problems in a timely manner
  3. Showing up at a property unannounced
  4. Poor performance of maintenance staff
  5. Messy communal areas

Michael Clarke_MARLALandlord tip: Respect a tenant by providing them with the privacy and notice to visit they have a right to, you might own the property but this is the tenants home.

Landlord tip: Use good quality well-reputed contractors to carry out maintenance on your rental property, or appoint an experienced and conscientious letting agent lake Mackenzie Smith to provide a Fully Managed Service.

Top 5 Landlord dislikes:

  1. Failure to pay the rent on time
  2. Untidy/messy behaviour
  3. Items being damaged in a property
  4. Bad hygiene
  5. Breaking the terms of a contract

Tenant tip: Paying rent on time goes a long way to creating a smooth and happy relationship with your landlord. It is a tenant’s obligation and responsibility to pay rent and a rental agreement should not be taken lightly, it is a contract, so plan a budget accordingly and keep communication channels open if you think you may run into difficulties.

Tenant tip: Respect the property. You have a duty of care to maintain a basic level of cleanliness and tidiness, poor cleaning and bad hygiene can lead to potential health hazards like mould and will add up to higher costs at the end of the tenancy either through professional cleaning costs or reimbursements to the landlord from your deposit.

Moving coupleLandlords describe a perfect tenant:

  1. High calibre (i.e. from a nice background) 
  2. Longevity
  3. Prepared to pay high rents
  4. Respects the property
  5. Has a clean and tidy disposition

Landlord tip: Tenants come from all walks of life and rental accommodation is needed to meet demand at all levels. Obviously the quality of the property, location and price range will to an extent dictate the type of tenant you attract and the price it is reasonable to ask.

Tenants describe a perfect landlord:

  1. Leaves the tenants alone
  2. Fixes things quicklysmiling woman
  3. Keeps to a contract
  4. Fair
  5. Pleasant to deal with

Tenant tip: Look after the property and communicate openly with your agent and landlord. Building a good rapport from the beginning creates confidence which can return goodwill and a greater sense of responsibility from your landlord.

The key is mutual respect.

Landlords to provide a good quality property at a fair rental price, to respect tenants privacy and act responsibly with regard to repairs and wear and tear.

Tenants to pay rent on time, to look after the property while in occupation and communicate any maintenance requirements in a timely fashion.

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