In demand in 2022

September 08, 2022

Thinking of moving? Chances are you have a wish-list of things you want in your next home. At Mackenzie Smith, we highlight the most sought-after features in our property descriptions to make it as easy as possible to find your next home.

What buyers want from homes has certainly changed in the last 10 years, with the pandemic playing a key role in changing lifestyles and demands from a home. 

With more people looking for home-work space, optimising the rooms and accommodation available has become increasingly important, along with a desire for outdoor space. But what are the most in-demand features this year? Here’s what Rightmove found from 2022 buyer analytics. 

Home features rising in popularity
Garden office +1046%
Bi-fold doors +589%
Orangery +173%
Underfloor heating +114%
Summer house +90%
Open plan +74%

The garden office has soared as buyers look for space to suit their home-work balance. Whilst a study is still valued, a garden office is increasingly popular. Some could argue this is a supply vs demand situation, the reality is that there are more homes now available with a garden office; a result of using garden space to add to the home. There are 11x more homes for sale with garden offices than there were a decade ago, but with a rise in over 1000% demand, they are most definitely sought-after!

Bi-fold doors are a great feature to allow homeowners to maximise their use of the outdoor space .

An orangery is the new ‘must-have’ but what makes an orangery an orangery? These brick-built extensions have a flat roof and windows, but not as much glass as a conservatory.

You’ll have noticed that most of these popular features involve the garden in some way. This could be a result of buyers looking for the best value a home can offer; using the space to its absolute optimum whilst ensuring any features make a home more usable, more sociable and more adapt to a lifestyle.

Open-play living is back. With a growing need for versatile space, the rigid option of a separate dining room is not always favourable. Rightmove’s 10-year comparison shows that dining room mentions are down 28% whilst open plan is up 74%.

If you’ve got a particular list of requirements in your next home, be sure to tell your local branch and our team will do their best to match you with your dream home!  

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