welcomeAs a landlord there are always concerns of how long a tenant will stay in a property?  Will there be a high turnover?  And, how long will it take to find a new tenant when the property is vacant?

Here at Mackenzie Smith it is our responsibility to give the correct advice to landlords to ensure that you obtain the maximum rent, as soon as possible, for as long as possible and with the minimum of wear and tear.

We are very lucky in this area to have so many excellent quality tenants looking to rent; however, getting the price right is key, as tenants will not pay over the odds and know when a property represents good value.

We understand the pressure landlords are under to replace outgoing tenants in their properties and to keep tenants to avoid frequent turnover. As such, we have some useful tips to keep tenants for the duration of their agreement:

Be fair:

The rental market is always shifting, so it’s worth keeping an eye on how competitive your rent is compared to the local market. The cost of rent is one of the biggest factors when it comes to influencing renters so making sure your tenants feel like they are paying a fair price will go a long way to ensuring they don’t look elsewhere.

Be flexible:

Assuming that you trust your current tenants in the property, it is always worth being flexible on certain elements of the rental contract. It is important for occupants to make their house feel like a home, so if this involves decorating or minor DIY – or even getting a pet – it is worth being open to requests and discussing them with tenants to make sure everyone stays happy.

Be approachable:

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to keep the property in decent condition for your occupants and it is important for tenants to feel that they can get things sorted out when they need to.  By maintaining contact and being approachable, this could easily prevent small problems becoming big problems.

Our new tenants’ app greatly enhances this as tenants can log maintenance issues on the app, which we will then respond to promptly.

Be helpful:

As well as responding to requests, it can be hugely beneficial in the long run to make the first move – especially when a tenant moves in.  Furthermore, if you know that for example a washing machine is getting old, it will only improve your relationship with your tenants if you replace it before it breaks down. This can also make your life a lot easier too.

Mike outside new office, may 2015 crop2If you would like to find out more about the management packages and assistance we can provide, please call me and team on 01252 514000 or email lettings@mackenziesmith.co.uk.