Can you guess how much the property costs for the view?

Do you value a good view? 2017 is finally here and like most people who are returning to work this week, we are already dreaming of far away places and wonderfully warm alternatives to the cold winter weather. Nothing helps us out of the January blues more than by taking a look at some of the most amazing properties around the world.

This year we wanted you all to join us and take part in a little game we play called ‘How Much Is That View?’ It’s simple, we share an image of a luxury property with three different price options, one of which is the correct answer. As such we’ve created a new blog quiz based on our office game so that everybody can join in.

We all get rather excited and competitive here in the office about who can guess the most property prices correctly. This has even led a few of us to book holidays based on how stunning some of the views can be… My personal favourite is Montenegro.

We hope you enjoy the quiz, we’re really excited to see how you all do. Best of luck!

Let the quiz begin!