Whilst we see an increasing population and a demographic with more people living alone there is a clear need for an increase in the number of properties available for people to live in, especially in this magnetic area in the south east which is understandably very popular.

Research from parliament* indicates a rise in the number of dwellings built in 2011/12 of 7% from the previous year, however this follows reductions in the number of housed built for the previous two years of 10% (2010/11) and 14% (2009/10) so there is still a lot of ground to make up to ensure the security of housing for now and future generations.

Cheryl Ann Davies, New Homes Negotiator

There is always a delicate balance to strike, providing new homes whilst retaining the quality and character of the environment, but it must be achieved. Careful planning and considerate design often make a new homes development an asset to the local area, and fulfil much needed demand from buyers.

There are several developments in the area which Mackenzie Smith will be marketing as they become available. Early indicators from the Queensgate site in Farnborough are good with this release of apartments, launched on the 26th of January, being 35% reserved in just over 2 weeks. This shows that these new homes are essential and are well received by individuals seeking a solution in an under-stocked property market.

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*Harker, R. and Keep, M. Housebuilding: Social Indicators page 10 January 2013 from www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN02644 [accessed 12.2.13]