Hike in home-sellers switching estate agents

November 16, 2023

A report on the property industry in late October showed a 13% rise in UK homeowners switching estate agents.

The report covered the third annual quarter this year. It indicates many sellers are seeking alternative agents to meet their needs, with the highest rise in switches since 2019.

If you’re one of the many looking to sell your property, choosing the right estate agent in the first instance has never been so important. With changing circumstances in the property industry, it is vital that your agent fully understands the local market dynamics. After all, in the ever-changing world of real estate, knowledge means results. Navigating these shifting tides requires a keen eye, too.

If your property is for sale and you’re following your agent’s advice, but there are no viewings or offers, it may require more in-depth attention.

Your estate agent needs to analyse the emerging market trends, factoring in current economic conditions and seasonal changes. A dedicated estate agent will aim to rise above the challenges, and ensure a specific plan is in place to achieve a faster sale.

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, please contact your nearest agent for guidance, advice, or an up-to-date valuation.

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