High rates of sales completions, and spot on pricing!

June 10, 2021

Achieving a sale for a home is obviously of vital importance, but what is arguably more crucial is the price achieved and successful completion.

We are pleased to report that of all our sales across the last year, 98% have successfully completed and looking at the last quarter, we also achieved 98% of all asking prices.

Our agents are clearly accurately valuing home for sale and to let, meaning that property is placed on the market at the right price. By avoiding the common pitfall of overpricing, we significantly speed up the sale process. This means you don’t end up hanging in limbo, waiting for your property to get the attention from potential buyers that it deserves!

Factors such as size, quality of accommodation, and desirability of location all play a huge part in valuation. The thorough consideration of all the features a property presents is taken by our agents, with the goal being to get the price right from the start.

The right price means you will be attracting a broad range of the right potential buyers, vastly increasing your chances of a sale.

Persistently described by clients and customers as going above and beyond, our agents spend a great deal of time and effort liaising with all the involved parties to ensure completion of sale. It is no wonder the completion rate is so high! They even go beyond their remit to aid in completing a chain where possible.

Perhaps it is the fact that we prioritize the needs of individuals and families that results in the many happy clients and new homeowners, benefitting from our successful sales. It could also be why we enjoy the return of many of our clients when they come to move again.

For accurate pricing and a successful sale, please get in touch your local agent for advice, with contact details available here.

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