blog5The garden is an important retreat or entertaining area, particularly in the summer months but with so many other demands on time it can be challenging to keep it the way you want it, after all, gardens are alive and growing.

There are many tips for an easy to maintain garden. The design of the garden will play a fundamental role in how much maintenance is required; a wildlife garden will still need some tending whilst an intimately designed garden will need to be well manicured.

Lpheasant gdnawns are notoriously hard to keep as green, glossy and lush as may be desired, unless you are willing to put the time in feeding, aerating, cutting, weeding and edging it’s not going to look perfect so you will be better off managing the size of the lawn to make sure it’s manageable. Fantastic garden spaces can be created using a mixture of decking, patio, shingle and lawn so you can adapt the garden to meet your needs and reduce maintenance. If you like the look of grass but not the maintenance artificial grass is growing in popularity, especially for smaller gardens where a shed and lawnmower would take up valuable space.Colefordbr gdn2

The choice of planting in the flower beds will also have an impact on maintenance time, herbaceous plants such as peony or ferns and perennials such as foxgloves and lavender are advised against if you are looking for flora that won’t demand attention. Flowering shrubs, evergreens and deciduous plants may take longer to establish but are a rewarding easy to manage alternative, offering seasonal displays of colour, fruit and flowers throughout the year.

fbro ins gdnWeeds are the gardeners constant enemy, creeping into the cultivated haven of the garden. The advice here is to keep on top of them and pull out weeds regularly before they become large, well rooted and begin to spread further. Add barriers to borders to help keep weeds out.

They say ‘many hands make light work’ and this as true in the garden as anywhere. Gardening can make an enjoyable and educational family activity, learning about the plants and how to care for them, planting seeds in the spring and of course watering.fleet4

Whatever your level of interest in gardening, starting out in the right direction and planning a garden that suites your needs will increase enjoyment of the garden at the offset and for years to come.