crowdWith literally thousands of new homes coming on to the market each day, how does your house stand out from the crowd?

Last year, on average, over 3,100 homes were brought to the market nationwide every single day. Clearly, your local geographic area will be a percentage of this, but it still shows how many properties your house has to compete with in the market.

When instructing an agent to sell your home, you are asking them to do two jobs; sell your home and market it.

Of course, an estate agent’s primary role is to sell your home, starting from putting an accurate value on it, contacting buyers on their register, conducting professional viewings, negotiating the best price with the best buyer and of course liaising with all parties to encourage a smooth and efficient completion. However, an estate agent plays another key role in the sale of your home, marketing.

From the photos, to the brochures, the website descriptions and the window cards in offices, estate agents are presented with the task of showing your home at its very best.

kitchenThe image we present of your home will be the very first impression that a potential buyer has. For this reason we need to ensure that it is presented in the very best light.

We continue to invest in new cameras to get the best photos, and utilise our in-house marketing department to create the most accurate written description of your home, but possibly even more importantly, we present your home in a completely unique way across the most popular property websites.

The majority of buyers these days, unsurprisingly, look to the internet as the first port of call in their search. Whilst we are constantly investing in our presence on Google, and receiving thousands of daily visitors to our websites, the majority of our buyers are going to be found on two websites; Rightmove and Zoopla.

Zoopla may be a relative newcomer, but over 90% of UK adults know the site, and throughout their partner sites such as Prime Location, receive 50 million visits per month. The leader of the gang, Rightmove, receives over 120million visits per month, putting it in the top 20 websites nationwide for visitor numbers.

Clearly, to reach your buyer you need to be on these websites, but with so many properties appearing each day, how do you stand out from the crowd?

We’ve identified four key areas across both Rightmove and Zoopla, the combination of which are completely unique to Mackenzie Smith within our branch network, meaning no other agent can offer this solution.

 featured propertyFirstly, to ensure your home is the first property someone sees, we simply put it at the top of the search. On Rightmove this is called a Featured Property. On average, 40% more people click through to read more about a home on a featured property in comparison to a standard listing, in essence it also doubles the chances of it being seen as it is featured in addition to a standard listing. On Zoopla, we present your home at the top of the search using a tool called featured agent, again this presents your home twice and is the first house someone searching will see.

premiumOur second step to setting your property apart from the rest is a premium listing. We can use these on both Rightmove and Zoopla, making your home stand out from the crowd. This is done by highlighting the property box in a different colour, a larger in size presence, more photos and an overall enhanced profile. Statistically, a property has 20% more views if it is a premium listing.

In addition to Rightmove and Zoopla, through Zoopla’s partner networks, your home is also advertised for sale across Prime Location, The Times, Telegraph, The Sunday Times, MailOnline, MSN, Mumsnet and many more.

Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, we know how important a first impression can be when selling a home, we also understand how important it is that you get the best offer from the best buyer. Presenting your home in this unique way does just this.

For more information on how we can get your property noticed, contact your local branch who will be happy to offer some informal advice or arrange a free valuation of your home at your convenience.

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