After carrying out several valuations recently I have been interested to hear potential sellers thoughts and comments on the local housing market especially relating to the time of year we approaching. 

Many of these homeowners have mentioned that fact that with exam time coming up for families with children and also the school summer holidays fast approaching it is probably not the best time to sell as buyers mindset may be on these things rather than a potential move.

In many of the years gone by this has tended to be the case and in fact estate agents could almost map their year out with traditional busy and quieter periods, however the shortage of property available in 2012 has seen these patterns change.

With particularly strong sales months recently we are in a position whereby the new properties which usually come to the market to replace the ones we have sold are in shorter supply and this lack of property for sale has kept the market bouyant with buyers, who would have already purchased a property by now, still searching for a home and still focused on moving even with life’s distractions ongoing.

The  various Euro and banking issues that are continuing do not seem to have impacted to any real degree on buyers in the areas Mackenzie Smith have offices and we are still dealing with buyers who live and work locally in addition to buyers coming out of London who have the ability to buy unencumbered.

Therefore my advice to anyone thinking of selling would be to take advantage of these unusual market conditions, any marketplace where the demand is outstripping supply traditionally enables sellers to achieve a healthy price for their property and with the amount of buyers looking to purchase, the length of time we are seeing sales achieved from the time the house comes to the market has shortened considerably.

For those sellers who have not seen a property to move on to, we are seeing buyers be more patient than before as they are aware that with limited stock available they need to try and accommodate the owners timescales rather than the other way around.

I f you are are considering a potential move or would like some general advice about the local housing market please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Michael Lloyd
Associate Director -Fleet
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