The Farnborough market still proves to be exceptionally busy, and now with the start of the year, it’s business as usual but values have to be accurate.

The key to success in Farnborough is getting the property value on the “button”. The age old cat and mouse scenario of a seller wanting as much as possible and the buyer wanting to pay as little as possible, seems to be prevalent at the moment. Generally speaking our experience is that vendors have higher expectations on values which are often beyond the real value at this point in time. Potential buyers have a wider choice of properties, than say a year ago, which re-affirms that asking prices cannot be too out of line with comparable properties. Looking at sold prices in January 2017, most, if not all property would be achieving more or less the same price. That said, property prices haven’t dropped down into another level,  they have just stabilised/hardened. All properties will slot into a value bracket and at the moment, the market is demonstrating that core values within each bracket are at the lower end, rather than pushing through the top end.

There are plenty of properties for buyers to choose from and plenty of people looking, so the market provides a good balance. The quality of buyers is exceptionally strong, so plenty for our vendors to be positive about.

Our four man strong team continue to prove an invaluable asset to current and potential clients, with our local knowledge and a total of 65 years of experience providing an unrivalled USP within the town.

We had a record 2017 and we look forward to building on that this year. We genuinely believe that through our extremely friendly and personal service, we break the mould of what might be deemed the “typical” estate agent. Our clients enjoy the personal side of how we operate, they can call whoever they may be dealing with, pop in to the office to discuss any aspect of their house marketing or sale. This is also applies to buyers and distances us from those agents that just think that by promoting properties on the Portals, the job is done.

We have evolved our marketing to now include virtual tours, bringing an added dimension to our promotion. That said, whilst we embrace all of marketing technology, we don’t wholly rely on it. We still operate by picking up the phone to buyers to let them know about what is on and about to come to the market. 

If you are looking to sell, contact us at Farnborough to discuss any aspect of your property and one of our experienced team members will be only too pleased to assist, 01252 375999 or e-mail