When it comes to buying and selling homes, I think we can all admit that we expect the process to take a while. When it comes to surveys and conveyancing, depending on the chain involved, there are often hurdles along the way, which is why it is always crucial to have an agent on side to push and pull the system along.

We’re tending to find that this process is slowly taking slightly longer, there are a number of reasons for this, for which we always like to manage our clients’ expectations from day 1. It is then no wonder that we were astonished at the remarkable timing for one of our most recent sales through our Fleet branch.

We started marketing this four bedroom semi-detached home on September 5th, within the next five days we had a number of viewings resulting in an offer from a cash buyer on 10th September. The property subsequently exchanged on 17th September, a huge achievement for the Fleet team and a fantastic result for both the buyer and seller.

“This Elvetham Heath property was coming to the market in a great condition, so we were confident in our valuation and the overall appeal to active buyers in the marketplace. The vendor was keen for a quick transaction but we always like to approach the situation with realistic and honest expectations, this certainly exceeded all of ours! We were very lucky in that the buyer not only fell in love with the home, but was in a position where they could act quickly with no chain involved on either side. A fantastic outcome for all involved.” James Harris, Branch Manager.

Whilst this is certainly not frequently seen, it does highlight that motivated sales can and will progress, there are keen buyers out there and the property industry can (and will) always surprise you.

If you’d like to speak with James and his team to discuss your moving options, do get in touch. (01252) 812121, fleet@mackenziesmith.co.uk.