Excellent opportunities for Landlords

July 16, 2020

With a huge influx in demand for rental properties, it’s a great time to enter the world of letting, with a wonderful opportunity for landlords to secure exceptional tenants.

Lettings Manager Tracy Cook experienced unprecedented demand from applicants last month, outstripping that of June last year.

Potential tenants across the board are searching for a new place to call home, with many young couples looking to move into two-bedroom apartments and young families looking for two-bedroom houses.

Tracy has experienced a great degree of success in Farnborough and the local area, with notable demand in Central Farnborough and Queensgate. With demand so high, monthly rental prices are exceeding landlords’ expectations.

Observing such a high demand from applicants, Tracy sees fantastic opportunities available for landlords to let speedily and efficiently.

With meticulous attention to matching tenants and landlords, Tracy feels landlords would also greatly benefit from the choice available, with a huge number and variety of quality applicants.

If you’re a landlord currently weighing up the options available, we’d strongly recommend getting in touch with Tracy and our experienced team. Tracy provides a high standard, personable service, fully Arla qualified and rich in experience.

You can find Tracy at our Farnborough office on (01252) 551045, or tracyc@mackenziesmith.co.uk.

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