work from homeFor various reasons, more and more of us are now choosing to work from home. With this in mind, homes that offer studies, converted lofts or out buildings, can be extremely attractive to purchasers.  These can include  converted stables, perhaps an annex that allows you to run a business from home, or a brilliant transformation of a large cupboard allowing space for a desk and shelves. 

The priority when creating a work space is to figure out how to physically separate home life from the mental work process. The least effective arrangements are using the kitchen or dining room table and regularly having to clear everything up.  It’s much healthier if you can shut a door and not look at your ‘office’ between working hours.

If you do work from or are looking to do so, we have some useful tips and also some properties that provide excellent work spaces.

  1. A small ergonomically-designed dedicated work space is better than a larger space that has to multi-function.
  2. Invest in a good desk and chair and nice things to look at, whether that’s a great view, or some inspirational wall art to make your work space somewhere you feel comfortable.
  3. Try and avoid constant distracting trips to the kitchen by perhaps installing a water and/or coffee machine, a small fridge, kettle, and a biscuit tin.
  4. If you only use the dining room or spare room once or twice a year, then this could be the perfect space to turn into your office.
  5. Have a dedicated office telephone line, whether that’s land or mobile, so you can ignore or screen work calls when you’ve ‘left the office’.
  6. Resist the temptation to pop into your office space in the evening or at weekends and discourage clients, customers or colleagues from ringing at all hours because they know you’re technically always in the office.
  7. Be strict with your family. Your office is an ‘invitation only’ sanctuary and under no circumstances is it a space they can annexe when they need somewhere to do their homework, hobbies, or to use your computer.
  8. One of the most often cited disadvantage of working from home is the lack of human contact, so find yourself somewhere to go when you need a change of air. Local cafes are good for coffee or lunch break and you will often find other stir-crazy home-workers gather at certain times of the day and will welcome you with open arms.

If you are looking for a home with office space, here are some excellent options; click on the pictures for full details.

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