If you would like something to keep you busy this coming bank holiday, here are a few DIY ideas that could keep you occupied, whilst improving your home!

If you’re finding a wall a little on the bare side, rather than just buying a new picture, why not create a contemporary one of your own? It is not as complicated as it sounds. Inspirational quotes are all the rage on social media and have long adorned pictures, photo frames and even fridge magnets. If you have a favourite, you can create a fabulous looking picture and all you need is either canvas or paper, a picture frame and a black marker pen. Use a pencil and ruler to draw gentle guidelines above and below where you would like the writing, which will keep the size consistent, perhaps making the text large with a thick marker, or if you are really inspired, combine some of your favourites in smaller writing – you could even use an italic pen for added style, or look up different fonts online to imitate. You may even wish to separate the quote onto a different canvas of the same size for impact.

If you have a lot of books, fiction or not, chances are you’ve kept them to revisit sometime. Storing these can be difficult, especially if you are generally a bit pushed for space. Rather than giving them away, or keeping them in a box under the bed, why not use one of the most unused spaces in your home instead? If you don’t mind occasionally stepping up on a footstool or ladder, the 12 inches/30cm of the wall below your ceiling is a perfect place for shelving, where you can keep all those precious books or knick knacks.

Old wooden furniture comes up a real treat if you polish it up with olive oil, which helps restore the shine from wear and sun damage. It is best to use a microfibre cloth, which can really get between the grains of the wood. Any minor scratches on painted wood can also be repaired with clear nail varnish. Apply the varnish and let it dry for ten minutes, then gently sandpaper to smooth the area down again.

Do you have wood effect vinyl flooring that looks a bit faded, but it is too soon to replace it? It may surprise you to learn that you can actually freshen it up with spray paint. Easy to obtain, you can find spray paint fit for the purpose from your local store, or online

Do you find yourself threading through cables to find the one for the vacuum cleaner, or turning the television off at the wall instead of the hairdryer? We all like to save energy, so turning switches off is good practice, especially since a lot of wires together can cause a fire hazard. Getting a cable organiser is a sensible idea, but it would also help to write the item on washing tape with a permanent marker and label the wires so that it is easier to see what’s what!

If you are fed up with tripping over piles of shoes, then maybe it is time you had a shoe tidy. You can easily make one yourself. Fit a coat peg rack low down, about 30-60cm from the floor, on a wall in an appropriate storage space, such as under the stairs, or conveniently next to your front door. Individual coat pegs can be used similarly for a variety of items, to organise your jewellery by hanging it on the inside of a cupboard door, or hanging cups conveniently on a kitchen wall by the kettle.

Just a few ideas to keep you busy and even a little creative – once you’re done with those, you will have definitely earnt yourself time to relax in your nice tidy home! Have a great bank holiday.