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January 19, 2023

Are you thinking of giving your home a makeover? If you’d like to keep up with the trends, take a look at our top tips below…

Less *with* more

Modern, minimalist styles have been on the increase for a while, and these tie in with being more eco-friendly, where less is more. Minimalist styles now have added focus on the texture, depth, and dimension of a room.

Add tactile interest to a room with limewash paint, cork, genuine/effect stone and wood flooring, or reclaimed tiling. Keep accessories simple, with perhaps a few accent cushions and a feature lamp. In large open plan areas, a printed rug offers a welcoming centre-piece, creating definition to a seating area.

Rooms with less furnishings and belongings tend to feel more spacious and relaxing. With less elements to include, it can also be more cost-effective and less consumer driven. When the room is complete, you’ll also find it easier to keep tidy.

Being eco-friendly

Reduce, re-use and recycle attitudes are now key for interior designers, with particular focus on furnishings, textiles, and accessories. By sourcing accessories sustainably, you can support independent businesses and boost the second-hand economy. What’s more, anything you purchase will be less widely available, making features more individual.

Second-hand furniture is now over-taking from cheap, sometimes plastic, options. Lasting longer, restored furnishings and vintage pieces give a great focal point to a room. If simply in good condition, used furnishings can save money, both in the long and short term. With the event of social media communities such as Facebay, sometimes these items can even be free.

Light, neutral colour schemes

Whites and greys have been on trend for some time. Maximizing the light, airy and open impression of any space, it’s not surprising they continue to appeal to many.

Now the trend is softening, with warmer tints adding more vibrancy to a room, and a tendency towards creating a mood.

Organic touches create interest, such as natural wood panelling, whilst building materials such as coloured concrete walls also being explored. In a somewhat risky step, there’s even a move away from painting ceilings white, to having the room all the same colour, as well as striking, bold borders.

All-white or natural kitchens…

Opinions are mixed on the all-white kitchen, which has been a contemporary option for some time. However, many white kitchens are seeing bold pops of colour and rustic touches, such as heritage tiling.

Drawing in natural materials is the alternative trend for kitchens this year. Oak units, marble and granite work surfaces offer attractive, practical features, from which you can pull colours through to coordinate the remainder of the room.

We hope you enjoy creating your living space, whether you follow the trends or not! If you’re planning on selling your home and think it needs updating first, consider that many buyers enjoy styling a new home to their own tastes. It could save you unnecessary time, money, and hassle to leave the new decor to them.

If you’re considering selling or buying property, please contact your local branch. Our agents will be happy to provide you with an up-to-date valuation, or advice.

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