When the weather turns, like it did last week, there’s nothing better than hiding out at home. The Danish have a word for enjoying the simple things, finding cosiness in the home; ‘hygge’, pronounced “hoo-ga”.

This concept can’t be translated into a single English word, but with winter still firmly upon us, there are a few ways you can infuse “cosy” into your home, and embrace “hygge”.

Close off open spaces

This is probably a bit of a controversial one, especially with open plan being such a lifestyle requirement these days, however, for the winter months, one way of creating a cosier space is to create zones within open plan rooms. This can be cleverly done using a corner sofa, a freestanding shelving unit, contrast in flooring, decor or even just lighting. By creating zones, you’re creating a closer space, therefore a cosier atmosphere. 


A contrast in lighting can add cosy appeal, particularly with the darker evenings. The best method for this is variety, be that floor lamps, table lamps, decorative flourishes on furniture such as strip lighting. The ultimate, of course, is a dimmer switch, allowing for multi-purpose lighting literally at the flick of a switch, alternatively zoned spotlights will offer versatility. 

Layer up

Textures, textures, textures, the more you add, the cosier the room. A contrast; rugs, cushions, throws, will maximise the impact as will a variety of textures. These do not have to all be thick winter materials, a light summer throw will do the job just as well and allow for year round decorative appeal.

Natural finishes

It may seem a slightly strange one, but bringing elements of the outside in, does add to a sense of warmth, particularly when it comes to wood over metal. Reclaimed woods or a signature piece of furniture will help to infuse nature and balance to a space.


Whilst it’s an obvious one, a fire will always amp up the “cosiness” of a room, however, it’s not practical for all, especially if you’re in a newer build or smaller property. That said, there are alternatives on the market, depending on your budget. Bioethanol fires are a cost effective and space efficient alternative, with prices starting at around £150. If, however, you’re unable to make those sort of alterations, a candle display will add a sense of warmth and comfort to the room.


Whilst wooden flooring would tick the box of natural finishes, it can be cold underfoot, by combining the texture element and adding a feature rug, you’re covering two essentials and are well on your way to creating a cosy room all of your own. This can also be a great way of adding colour and life to a carpet that may have seen better days, or warmth to laminate or tiled flooring too. A statement rug would certainly help to zone an open plan space too.