Once again the last month has proved to be a very busy one at the Farnborough office of Mackenzie Smith, but still the supply and demand equation has not evened out. Stephen Panther, Assistant Manager, shares his views on the market and why communication is key to keeping people moving and the satisfaction of our clients.

Steve Panther, Assistant Branch Manager“Although the power seems to be with the seller there is still a sensitive balance; to attract quality viewings and subsequent offers the key is to pinpoint the exact uppermost price point of a property, being mindful that prices are moving in the property market and the true value of a property is determined by what any seller is prepared to pay.

“If the property is pitched at an overly optimistic price this can be a big turn off for buyers, in this rapidly moving market signs show quickly if the property is positioned off the mark. This is illustrated by either too may viewings with no resulting offers or no viewings at all.

“It is vital that all activity and feedback, whether it is good bad or indifferent, is communicated directly to the client, thus a picture is built of what is happening and what needs to be done. Here at Mackenzie Smith, the traditional elements of communication are adhered to; communication is the most effective tool an agent can use.

“Whether buying or selling, or doing both simultaneously, communication is a fundamental element of estate agency, using our clients preferred method of communication to provide continuous updates to prevent frustration from expectant and keen buyers in order to manage expectations if chains are taking time in coming together. Our experienced team at Mackenzie Smith recognise these values and put them into practice.

“Keeping in touch with clients and keeping buyers motivated is where we excel. We provide all you would expect from an estate agent; brochures, floor plans, website listings, print advertising, expert advice and negotiation skill, but prioritising our clients; providing personal attention though assigning personal client managers and exceeding expectations of clients with phone or face to face communication is something that is part of the ethos of Mackenzie Smith.

“The overall property market at the moment is exceptional so if the basics are followed i.e. we properly “talk” to clients and applicants alike, then the fruits of this market can be enjoyed by all.”

Steve Panther, Assistant Branch Manager

(01252) 375999 stevep@mackenziesmith.co.uk