Changes to Aldershot

January 27, 2020

As many who are local to Aldershot are aware, the town is undergoing an innovative, vast regeneration project, with many new exciting facilities, up to date high street shopping and a focus on well-being.

Part of a joint venture by Rushmoor Borough Council and Hill Investment Partnerships, proposed redevelopments to Union Street of Aldershot have now been unveiled, in a meticulously detailed artist impression, presented in the form of a 3D model.

Local residents, artisans and independent businesses will benefit from a vibrant brand new hub; ideal for networking, with a Creator’s Yard and a stylish public square.
Promising culture and creativity, links with the University for the Creative Arts make this area the perfect place for exhibiting the latest artworks, whilst councillors expect the changes to attract genuine diversity into Aldershot.

Catering to popular modern trends, the brand new area will offer a positively buzzing hive of activity. A contemporary food and drink hub will be created, along with facilities for reputable street food specialists and spaces for artisans to create and sell unique products.

An ideal venue for attracting business opportunities and publicity, footfall into this area of Aldershot will be drastically increased. The new development includes the building of 100 brand new houses, as well as student accommodation.

The further developments to Aldershot will span from the building
previously home to Marks and Spencer, down to Wellington Street, flowing
through into High Street.

The changing face of Aldershot already features Westgate Retail and Leisure Park, with modern entertainment offering restaurants, leisure and shopping facilities and a Cineworld.

We’ve long had properties for sale and let in the town from our nearby Ash Vale branch, but will soon be joining the changing landscape of Aldershot’s High Street with a brand new branch!

If you’re looking for a home in Aldershot or are considering a move of your own, please do get in touch, (01252) 983730,

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