We were recently invited to sell a property that had been exclusively available through an online only agent, with no luck in selling for quite some time. After introducing our Ash Vale, they were successfully sold (STC) within 1 working day. Some time ago we were invited to value a property, at that time our… Read More

New build homes can offer a multitude of benefits, they are fitted with the latest appliances and contemporary, yet neutral, decor. They’re made from modern materials and environmentally considerate techniques and can often offer more value for your money. Over the years, new technology and trends have changed what we look for in a home.… Read More

With the recent bright and sunny summer weather, many of us would have preferred to be outside, worshipping the sun, perhaps instead of being stuck indoors. Even on the rainy days most of us would benefit from more natural light. There are many ways that you can draw natural sunlight into the house, capture a view… Read More

As this beautiful hot weather continues, we don’t need to go far to enjoy the sun, so why not spend some time relaxing in your local hot spot? Why not try Yateley Common Country Park which enjoys free entry, including a no-fee car park at Wyndham’s Pool. This nature conservation area features ponds, a complex… Read More

There is no doubt that being ‘a tenant’ is now not only socially acceptable, but in certain regions it is the preferred option for many and often ‘the norm’. Gone are the days when people only rented if they had to and the concept of ‘paying someone else’s mortgage’ was laughable. How times change! A… Read More

There are an abundance of activities to entertain your children with during the summer holidays. Sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration day after day, in an ironic twist, there seems to be less concern about finding somewhere to go in rainy weather this year and more regarding finding somewhere to go where it… Read More

The trend for downsizing is on the up, particularly with the over 50s. This generation is increasing in size and half of people aged over 65 are considering downsizing as a viable option. Many homeowners want to live in a smaller, cheaper and more manageable property, as well as wishing to grasp back some of… Read More

We’re lucky in life to usually have a choice of who we want to trust in our lives, with our homes being highly likely the most valuable asset we own and arguably the most important, we need to have trust in how they are managed. “Trust is essential to the development of healthy, secure, and… Read More

It’s clear that in recent years cycling has become a real hobby and passion for many, with more cyclists hitting the roads and tracks than ever before. There are clear benefits of the sport; from cardiovascular improvement, mental wellness and the environmental impact, but so often the case with outdoor pursuits, many stumble before they’re… Read More

The renowned Hampton Court Palace is hosting a Flower Show from the 2nd of July to the 8th, and amongst the beautiful gardens and inspiring floral blooms, the show features a Butterfly Dome, which visitors can walk through and literally immerse themselves in fluttering butterflies. If you love butterflies or perhaps have young children that… Read More