Buying a listed property

August 08, 2023

Listed properties can be an appealing prospect, combining stunning architectural features, unique accommodation, and a sense of history.

Whilst character properties can be an attractive choice, if you are purchasing a listed property, you’ll need to consider the category of classification. Each classification represents different levels of interest and importance, varying from Grades I to II and II.*

Keep the following points in mind:
• The property will be registered on the Historic England website as a listed building
• Permission from the local authority is necessary for any alterations
• Specialized insurance is required due to rebuild costs and specific restoration requirements
• Maintenance and repair expenses are sometimes higher
• Energy-efficiency alterations might be restricted

Ensure you are fully informed before you decide to buy. With that in mind, it’s well-worth doing the research beforehand, so you can be sure you can make the home your own and carry out any work you have in mind.

To understand the property’s individual attributes and potential limitations, it is wise to examine the reasons the property is listed. We would recommend taking the following action.

• Have a comprehensive evaluation made by a surveyor with expertise in listed buildings
• Seek advice from a heritage expert to understand what changes may be possible
• Attain specialist advice on possible damp issues
• Find out if any previous work on the property was authorized, to avoid potential liabilities

Like many owners of listed properties, you’ll likely wish to preserve your new home’s beauty and uniqueness, for now and in the likelihood of the many years to come.

Featured photo from Stable Cottage.

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