Particularly busy start for the year with buyers out in numbers viewing property right across all price ranges.

Although it’s very early into the year and far too early to start making predictions it is interesting that very few people are talking about the economy or the market. Most buyers seem to have made up their minds that values are holding up and that they cannot put off decisions indefinitely.

A good indicator for buyer confidence is the new homes market and it was telling that we took a number of reservations ‘off plan’ during December. In recent times it has often been the practise to wait until we can show buyers completed houses but the trend now seems to be that if the values are right and we can provide all the information needed then buyers are prepared to make decisions now rather than wait.

This, I think, demonstrates that underlying confidence is higher than regional or national reports indicate.

Hart District was also voted as the winner of a recent survey on quality of living based on a range of measurements…..

Ed Mackenzie Smith