halloweenEmbrace the seasonal spooks of Halloween this half term and get stuck into some fun and crafty activities that will keep the children entertained.

From carving pumpkins to creating squeamishly scary decorations, you can have some real family fun with the children in the comfort of your own home. To inspire your half term arts and crafts, we have put together a selection of hellishly exciting ideas that would really make the neighbours scream. Why not go the extra mile this Halloween and make your home truly boo-tiful.




eyeballs-in-a-treeCreepy eyes in the tree

Let the neighbours and ‘trick-or-treaters’ know you are watching them, by placing some creepy eyes in your garden plants. This is a really simple, yet effective, Halloween décor idea. All you need is some ping-pong balls or golf balls, put some black stickers or drawn on with a Sharpie before placing them in the plants outside your home. As the evening comes about, they will really stand out in the dark and spook your guests and neighbours.





Glow in the dark eyes

Use a utility knife to carve out eye shapes in an empty toilet roll. Paint the roll black then place a glow stick in the tube and position in it in trees around the garden. The glow stick will light up when it gets dark, making the eyes really stand out.





Ghostly garlandsghostly-garland

Use string solar lanterns as the base of this idea. Simply cover each lantern with squares of white cotton sheet and draw eyes on them. Hand the lanterns in your garden or windows and watch them light up as the sun goes down to illuminate your home.




Bat bunting halloween-1

Draw and then cut bat shapes out of black cardboard or paper. Punch holes in the wings out the bat and place them on string to then hang around your home. You could try this idea with any shape that takes your fancy, pumpkins, ghosts or witch hats.




A freakishly frightful front doorfrakinstein-door

Use any resources you have at hand, cardboard, paper, felt or even some old fabrics you have at hand to cut out the hair, eyes and stitches for Frankenstein. If need be, alter the design according the type of front door you have. You can use your letterbox as the mouth, and then base the rest of the arrangement accordingly.







Peeping monsterspeeping-through-door

Cut ghoulish figures out of large pieces of card and place them around your window. When you switch the lights on you will really give your neighbours a fright.





Spiders webspider-web

Use a black bin bag to make a spider’s web which you can hang around your window or around the home. Fold the bin bag over along one side to form a triangular shape. Cut out lengths of rectangular shapes along the open side, so when you open out the web the joins remain intact. Why not place some homemade spiders on the web to jazz it up. You can make spiders using pom pom balls and pipe cleaners, or anything else you can find around the home.






bat-armBat cave

Cover some old toilet rolls in black tissue paper or simply paint them. Draw or stick on some eyes, then add some cardboard wings. Why not add some string to hang them around the home or hang them upside down on your front porch for a spooky Halloween invitation.







Ghostly guests6-ghosts

Use old balls or blow up some balloons and then hang them on to string to hang up around your home as some ghostly decorations. Cover the balls with old white fabrics to really add a scare.







Dotty pumpkinsthanksgiving-1695871__180

If you are not so keen on carving pumpkins, why not paint them instead and place them around your garden.  The larger supermarkets now sell peculiar shaped vegetables as part of their reduced range, which would be ideal for this project. Why not even decorate some of the pumpkins, as cats with ears and whiskers or other animals of the night.




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