Branch Manager, Crawford Moxley, comments on the property market in the Ash Vale area.

“We have found that market condEstate Agents Ash Vale Property Sold Boarditions have definitely been more challenging over the summer though properties which are keenly priced are still attracting huge interest and the Autumn market is beginning to pick up.

“Case in point … A modern two bedroom house we took on the market for £250,000 on the first Friday of September had 6 viewings booked by the Saturday with 5 full asking price offers on the same day.

“So this tells us that there are still a good amount of buyers ready to offer but they are looking for homes which they perceive to be a fair value.

“Any properties which are coming on the market at an overly optimistic price, where the owners want to ‘test the market’ are now sticking and not getting a lot of interest.

“At the beginning of the year if a house came up at a price which was over the odds the demand was so strong that there was a feeding frenzy and buyers would be prepared to pay whatever they needed to – that is not happening Crawford Moxley, Estate Agents Ash Vale Branch Manageranymore. There are a number of factors that could be affecting this, the Mortgage Market Review, uncertainty over interest rates or seasonality.

“Property values have changed throughout the year so if you are planning to move in the near future please contact us for accurate valuation advice and a realistic appraisal of the local property market conditions and demand.”

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