When it comes to seasonality, August has never been an ideal month to do business – a sentiment I’m sure is shared by many industries. With much of the country taking advantage of school summer holidays or the better weather, there is often a quieter time across the workplace.

Having spent last week in several meetings with colleagues, clients and developers, I’ve collated a good sense of what is really going on out there. The firm impression that I have taken away, is that despite the media comments to the contrary, there is still plenty of demand from buyers, and activity in the local housing market is proving very robust.

Ok, so I accept that the national statistics show a decline in the number of transactions being completed nationwide month on month, and I can understand why that should be the case, given that interest rates have just gone up and there is still obvious concerns relating to our future relationship with Europe.

But it’s not all bad news and as we have experienced lately,  people who are looking to move home are invariably making a long term decision. If they are a sellers, as long as they feel they have got the best price the market will pay currently and, as a buyer they too are getting value for money, we are arranging sales across all price ranges.

Indeed, in particular our branch in Fleet is enjoying an extremely productive period. Analysis this week via Rightmove shows that they are taking less time to sell a property on average than many of our leading competitors and are also benefitting from a higher ratio between stock and sales arranged.

Whilst this is great news for us and for many of our clients, the question I have been asking is “why isn’t this same activity enjoyed in the marketplace as a whole?”

Having been personally involved in selling property for nearly 40 years, I have experienced markets both far better and equally far worse than what we are currently experiencing, but in each case and particularly when we are coming off the back of what has been a very robust period, as seen until very recently,  I am totally convinced that the key is ensuring that we are correctly interpreting the current market conditions and, as a result, providing the right and accurate advice to all of our clients.

With Autumn fast approaching and as we enter into what is traditionally a very active period of the year, I have every confidence that if our clients want to within 2018, they have every chance of doing so, provided they listen to what the market is telling them.

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