The Internet is of course a part of everyday life.

As Estate Agents we have seen at first hand the way in which communication has changed. At one time buyers would communicate with us on a personal level. After all if you were looking for a home you would need to register with your local agent(s).

At this point useful dialogue could and did take place. For example if a buyer was interested in a particular property but thought that the price was too high then the agent perhaps knowing there was some flexibility from the owners would encourage the buyers to view.

This served two purposes. First of all it actually established whether the buyers were really interested and secondly (if they were) secured that interest so they were not lost as an opportunity.

To some degree this has changed in that although some parties will still call to ‘sound out’ the agent many won’t bother.

And this is why accurate pricing is so important. A common fear from sellers is that they will have to consider a lower offer than their ‘correct price’. My advice is to remember you can always reject an offer. It is quite common for my firm to extract a higher offer than the quoted price if the asking price was set at the correct level in the first place.

As one of my colleagues put to a buyer who insisted that it was buyers market and our client would have to consider a lower offer – ‘at this price sir; it’s a sellers market’.