It just occurred to me that the firm will have been trading twenty years on February 1st.

We opened our doors for business on February 1st 1992 in Fleet with myself, Steve Tetlow and two other members of staff. (Darren Simpson and Lindy Azurdia). Not long after we were joined by my brother Richard Mackenzie Smith who looked after our Financial Services Department.

We have grown during that time but it made me think what’s the relevance to our clients that we have reached this modest milestone? Well, it’s certainly not the fact we are twenty in a few weeks time. It is of course to myself and my colleagues but to our clients?

One thing I have learnt is that you can’t stand still. So what’s in it for our clents?

I think the relevance is that we as a Company started in a previous recession (1992) built our business, enjoyed the good years and have survived the difficuties of the last few years and this means we know what we are doing and that our clients know that if they select Mackenzie Smith to represent them they will get honest advice, hard work and an ability to get results.

I’d like to thank all the clients we have represented over the years and my colleagues past and present who have all contributed to our success.